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1060 Bannock St.

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A sanctuary for focused work.

"Joining The Process is the best investment I've made since moving to Denver."

- Amy V.



Three things make us different from most workspaces.

  • Timed sessions: one-hour Sprints and two-hour Extended sessions.

  • Staffed sessions: all our sessions are guided by one of our staff.

  • Tiered memberships: you can join our community for as low as $60/month.

Our members come in, work hard, and then go on about their days. 

Think of us like a gym or a yoga studio...for your brain.


Our members are working on books, business plans, consulting projects, podcasts, and pitch decks.


They're creatives, freelancers, side-hustlers, digital nomads, and working professionals.


The commonality: they're ambitious, they're tired of working alone, and they've embraced the power of structure, accountability, and community.


A haven where I tame my to-do list. Plus, the coffee is great!

- Meredith N

I'm always in the zone here!

- Ken H

A respite from distraction and an avenue for connection to a community of creative minds.

- Karen W

Incredible! My writing and my time management have been transformed.

- Rachel M

I leave every session feeling accomplished and inspired.

- Nick A 


We host a regular schedule that features two types of Deep Work Sessions: Sprint Sessions (one hour) and Extended Sessions (two hours).

Sprint Sessions: before the session starts, you'll log a goal for the 45-minute work period on our giant chalkboard. After time is up, we bring everyone in the session back to the board, where we'll have you evaluate your work.

Extended Sessions: 90 minutes of focused work time, followed by a 20-minute, small-group debrief with chocolate and targeted questions about how the session went.


We also host one-off events that non-members can access. 

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We offer four membership tiers so you can find the pace that fits your lifestyle: 10 hours/month, 25 hours/month, 50 hours/month, and 100 hours/month. 

Hours can be applied to our regular, weekly schedule and to all our special events.

All rates are monthly. Memberships reset thirty days after checkout. You can save 20% by making a six-month commitment. (Applicable at 25 hours and up.)










We host an array of special events each month. Members can apply their hours to attend but we also sell a limited number of non-member tickets for each event.


Side Hustle Saturday

Saturday, June 22, 2 - 4 pm


You'll work for 90 minutes on your side hustle alongside other people like you. When 90 minutes is done, we'll break the big group into small groups for guided networking: a chance to get to know other side hustlers and talk about why this work matters to you.

With coffee, tea, cold drinks, and light snacks.


Writers Blok

Saturday, May 25, 2 - 4 pm

Writing can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be. Join other Denver-based writers for 90 minutes of intentional deep work, followed by a 25-minute, small-group debrief.

We'll provide the drinks, the light snacks, and the chocolate at the end.

Work Swiftly_Facbook.png

Work Swiftly

Next Edition: Thursday, May 23, 7 - 10 pm

The legendary Pomodoro Technique + the legendary Taylor Swift = getting a whole bunch done, all in one night.

Inside our meditative space, you'll work in 25-minute increments, punctuated by Taylor Swift songs in the breaks. Throughout, we'll serve you drinks and you'll have access to tea and light snacks while you work. Plus, chocolate at the top of every hour.


All drinks and snacks are included with ticket purchase.

Book Club_Facebook.png

Book Club

Next Edition: Thursday, June 13, 7 - 9 pm

You know how you're always telling yourself you should read more? You're not alone!

Inside our quiet, meditative space, you'll read for 75 minutes, accompanied by tea, light snacks, and cocktails.

When time is up, we'll break the larger group into small groups and get you talking about what you just read...accompanied by a treat, of course.

Friday Night Writes 2023.jpg

Friday Night Writes

Next Edition: Friday, May 31, 5 pm - midnight

An all-night writing marathon, accompanied by cocktails, snacks, pizza, wine, root beer floats, and that weird high that comes when you push yourself to your cognitive limit.

We'll start at 5 pm with breaks at the 50-minute mark of each hour to stretch and shift into the evening's next phase.

All kinds of writing are welcome: books, screenplays, poems, pitch decks, even all those emails you've been meaning to catch up on.


The best way to learn about what we do is to book a tour.


We'll pour you a cup of coffee and chat about how we can help you accomplish big projects and reach your most important goals.

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